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Bitcoin rabbit hole

A Journey Into Open Design

Open design can open doors. It can break down barriers of access to information. It can help educate, inspire, empower, and bring awareness to real world solutions to the many problems we face.

Like an open door, it hopes to make design files and processes available openly so others can use them, review them, and build upon them.

Here's part of the journey.

› 2021 March - Ongoing


Living on bitcoin principles


› 2021 February - Ongoing

Specter Wallet

UX Improvements

For: Specter Solutions (Your Keys, Your Bitcoin) ⤢

Issue on GitHub ⤢ WIP on Figma ⤢

Also being worked on by Christoph Ono

On Figma ⤢

› 2020 November - Ongoing

Bitcoin Design Guide Art

For: Bitcoin Design Community ⤢

Transactions Banner Art
Bitcoin Design Guide Art: Transactions

The paths of bitcoin.
It can be sent through a CoinJoin, where it is mixed with other transaction for more privacy.
It can be sent to an electronic piggy bank, often a cold wallet for long term savings.
It can also be spent with lightning for faster, cheaper transactions...

Onboarding Banner Art
Bitcoin Design Guide Art: Onboarding Section Bitcoin Design Guide Art: Onboarding Section
Design Introspection

Questions to guide the illustration process

Bitcoin Design Guide Art: Onboarding Section Introspection on Figma ⤢

› 2020 September

Thoughts On Bitcoin

Bitcoin Concept Mapping Concept Map on Miro ⤢

› 2020 July - Ongoing

We Are All Bitcoin

We Are All Bitcoin

Bitcoin Awareness & Education

#weareallbitcoin ⤢

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