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We Are All Bitcoin

Why bitcoin? Its mysteries. Its stories.

We Are All Bitcoin

Last Update: November 18, 2020
Created: September 1, 2020

Bitcoin Mysteries

Many projects are built behind closed doors. Not bitcoin.

It was built transparently. It works openly. It is supported by an open source community spread across the globe.

It is still, however, thought to be a mystery by many but those who have jumped into the bitcoin rabbit hole and fallen in love with it, perhaps because of its guiding principles— at least that is what drew me in.

I'm a designer; I've never thought of wanting to contribute to a digital currency, at least not until discovering bitcoin.

Part of its magic is that as you dive deeper, you learn it is NOT a flashy gimmick. It has substance. A good part of its inner workings may remain a mystery, like trying to understand how the inside of a computer works. You don't need to know that in order to use it. Bitcoin is similar in that sense.

But how do you use bitcoin?

We Are All Bitcoin hopes to help answer that question by navigating through bitcoin's mysteries using design and storytelling that simplifies concepts and connects to the financial issues people face, with a focus on developing open access materials for underserved communities while contributing to the Bitcoin Design Community ⤢.

Bitcoin Stories

If you know nothing about bitcoin, welcome!

Aside from accessing educational materials as they're being created, I hope you'll join me on a journey of discovery into how bitcoin can connect to our lives, help us solve some of the issues in our financial systems, and transform our relationship to money.

If you're already a bitcoiner, perhaps contributing to bitcoin ⤢, Bitcoin Core ⤢, the Bitcoin Design Community ⤢, or a bitcoin product, some of the materials that will be created may be of use to you. They will be released under Creative Commons licenses.

Imagine Bitcoin 2140

What would you like bitcoin to become? How could it empower people? How could it break down financial barriers? How could it help meet challenges to local and global issues? How could bitcoin grow, while remaining true to its founding principles? How could it help build dreams? How could it become a meaningful part of our everyday lives?

Imagine Bitcoin 2140

Imagine Bitcoin 2140

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