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Imagine Bitcoin 2140

Imagine Bitcoin 2140

Last Update: November 15, 2020
Created: July 21, 2020

Creative Challenge

Imagine for a moment that you've gone further down the bitcoin rabbit hole, and it has magically transported you to the year 2140, just as the last bitcoin is mined. In that future, we have found a path for bitcoin to solve a world issue that is particularly meaningful to you. What is the issue? How does bitcoin help solve it? How have people worked together to make that happen? What is the world like?

Each bitcoin believer brings in a different perspective, a unique set of talents, and an original imagination. Bitcoin is limited by what we can imagine it to be. Once we can imagine it, we can find the ways of getting there together.

Go on, feel free to #ImagineBitcoin2140.

Share Your Vision

You have a unique vision of what bitcoin could become. Express your vision in your own way, through words, designs, photographs, video...

Share with #ImagineBitcoin2140.

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Help bring awareness to bitcoin by sharing on social media and tagging your friends to participate in the challenge.

#ImagineBitcoin2140 visions will be showcased in their own gallery page, and some may be weaved into the stories of #weareallbitcoin.

~ Thank you for imagining bitcoin. ~

Why Imagine Bitcoin So Far Into The Future?

Should we feel overwhelmed by the numerous challenges that we could not face alone, or should we feel encouraged that so many can work together to resolve the issues that we discover in our paths?

If we look far into the future, it may help us avoid looking at the limitations. Instead of worrying about resources, knowledge, tools, and even the time to solve the issues, we may be able to focus on purpose. We can focus on what matters most to each of us.

How could bitcoin empower people? How could it break down financial barriers? How could it help meet challenges to local and global issues? How could bitcoin grow, while remaining true to its founding principles? How could it help build dreams? How could it become a meaningful part of our everyday lives?

As in any journey, if we can figure out where we want to go, we can start tracing the route on how to get there. If we can imagine what bitcoin could be and share that with one another, we can find ways of working together to improve on bitcoin step by step.

Each step we take on this journey will open our eyes to new issues, it will challenge us to come up with innovative solutions, it will open new paths of discovery, and most significantly, it will improve the routes we believe in most.

What do we want to improve in our world, and how can bitcoin help?

Beyond Fear

A few years before humankind landed on the moon, when my mom was about 8 years old, she remembers the radio and newspapers were focusing primarily on the end of the world.

Grandma, unbothered by the news, said, “The world has been ending since I was born. I’m going to go get tortillas, I won't have to wait in line.” Getting tortillas in Mexican households is perhaps as common as getting a cup of coffee in the morning. People line up outside of small shops dedicated to making tortillas with large specialty machines. The lines can get long, especially before lunch or dinner, because, like a good cup of coffee, they are best served fresh and warm.

During those days, people feared leaving their homes— grandma went to get tortillas.

As I sit in front of the computer screen today, headlines seem to be taken out of a Sci-Fi movie on the doom of civilization, highlighting not only local issues but widespread problems. If I had a child of my own, perhaps she’d think we were coming to the end of times.

I’d like to look at her in the same way grandma looked at my mom, decreasing the fear in her heart. I would love to see her dream of what the world could be if we work on solutions to those things we fear— together. Unlike what grandma did those Coronavirus-free years, we would be choosing to stay at home, and only getting tortillas occasionally. I hope, however, that we would not let fear overwhelm us.

Our minds and hearts allow us to imagine ways of solving the issues around us. Information and tools empower us to recreate the world around us. Worldwide problems require global solutions, and those require diverse communities to come together not only to apply quick patches but to solve the underlying causes to the many problems we face.

What kind of future do we want to be born out of these times? Instead of feeling overwhelmed by fear, I hope that fear becomes a subtle guide letting us know of the problems we need to address.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of bitcoin, challenged us to think of improving financial systems through bitcoin: A decentralized, borderless, self-sovereign, digital currency built with integrity.

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