06. Horizon


BUIDL HODL Culture: Horizon

Art 6. Horizon

Alexa Aker on Twitter

April 3, 2021

You are staring at a clear view of a vast landscape with open skies. The sun is starting to rise, and all of your being is focused on that feeling of openness.

As you notice the subtle color changes on the horizon, your mind quiets down, your breathing grows deep and steady. You worries seem to evaporate with the first rays of the sun.

It is as if you are staring at the essence of gratefulness, and that essence is seeping deep into your soul.

Your heart starts to push away anything that leaves a negative trace.

You focus on everything that sparks a sense of wellness, support, trust, love, gratefulness, happiness….

You’re ready.

The actions of this day buidl tomorrow.

BUIDL & HODL today,

Alexa Aker

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