05. A different kind of magic


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Art 5. Magic

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March 31, 2021

Years ago, I heard a painter say that he never showed his creative process because he felt the magic would disappear. I used to agree with him, but I’ve discovered a different kind of magic.

Key to imagination

Key to imagination


Imagine if by showing his creative process, this painter could have helped nourish a community of painters who could learn and support one another, share old and new techniques, promote each other’s work, and appreciate the work that goes into painting.

What if learning was not just about painting, but about empathy toward each other’s personal stories, unique perspectives, and ways of addressing challenges. What if through this connection, they could be open to seeing the world through each other’s eyes.

Imagine this community included all levels of knowledge, open to anyone, not just master painters. What if by letting go of hierarchies it opened minds to other possibilities, allowing their unique journeys to shine, intertwine, and build on one another.

What if painting became less about the painter and more about each of their reasons for painting. What if their brushstrokes became the support to meaningful ideas, solutions, and causes. What if their paint became purpose before it even made it unto their canvases.

Key to creation


This kind of open and supportive creative process already exists, is growing and is constantly improving in Open Source Communities like bitcoin.

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Alexa Aker

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