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March 28, 2021

As we actively look through the glass screens of our mobile devices, these little gadgets hold more and more of our lives.

Each screen seems to be far away from what we consider tangible, as if everything digital belonged to the realm of the imagination. But these screens, even when floating in the technological cloud, are becoming essential in our lives. They are the keepers of memories, the builders of creativity, the connectors to our family and friends, the discoverers of new information, the doors to our money, the guardians of our health, the organizers of our time, and even the builders of mindfulness.

Sometimes, we forget that when technology feels ethereal, we still rely on it to feel familiar and comfortable. We want it to guide us easily through those processes that simplify our lives. We do not want to worry too much about what we are doing. We want to feel self-confident as we scroll up and down, swipe right and left, in a never-ending dance.

We want to feel like we are dancing effortlessly, not stumbling across the dance floor.

Key to imagination


Take the home button or navigation menu, for example. Imagine that clicking the button to get back home in a website or app is like walking through your front door. Now imagine you walk through it and then the door disappears. Poof. Gone.

How would that feel?

Whenever our path through an app is inconsistent, it gives us the feeling of being lost. We search for the door wondering if it just moved or perhaps it looks different? Perhaps it's there, but if we click on it, the button doesn't work. It is like a locked door, and we cannot get in.

... Sometimes, we give up, and lose the opportunity to benefit from what the app offers. We shouldn't have to do that.

Key to creativity


When something does not feel familiar to us, nor is it easily found, we feel uneasy. As we are designing, we should minimize that friction. We should always have a way home.

BUIDL familiarity & HODL confidence,

Alexa Aker

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