02. Memories & Gratefulness

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Art 2. Memories

Holding on to what invokes a sense of gratefulness.

HODL Gratefulness

Grandma’s roll-top desk was a keeper of memories. As kids we would rummage through its many drawers of different sizes to find unique treasures that had been kept across time. A bountiful mixture of trinkets: old photographs, various pieces of paper, small handcrafted items, letters, writing utensils, pieces of beaded fabric, buttons…

Patiently, grandma used to tell me stories about those pieces and why they were meaningful. It was not the object itself, but the memory it carried that made them valuable. Her generosity, gratefulness, and positivity in the midst of challenges make for beautiful moments. The kind of memories worth HODLing on to.

Meaningful Days: Grandma and her famous rolltop desk

Grandma and her curious rolltop desk

Who brings meaning to your life, and what moments expand your feeling of gratefulness??

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