01. Open Design & Open-mindedness

BUIDL Culture: What we can't see

Art 1. Constellations of open minds
Art created using these images.

Sometimes we can't see beyond what we know. #openmind

Eye with stars on the tip of eyelashes

What We Can't See

One summer night when I was a child, I hurried to catch up to my grandpa as he headed out for a walk in the countryside. Our visits to grandpa's were always filled with wonder. We'd spend most of the time outdoors, learning about nature and wildlife.

As I approached him with a flashlight in my hand, he asked me to turn it off. "You cannot see beyond its light," he said calmly.

I turned the flashlight off, trusting his wisdom. My world went dark. As my eyes squinted, light slowly flowed back in. Everything looked similar yet surprisingly different. The vast landscape held silhouettes of trees, bushes, and mountains. Above it all, a myriad of constellations lit the sky, as if sprinkled by giant brushstrokes with glow-in-the-dark paint. I got lost in the sky. I still do.

When I think of some of today's sustainable solutions to humanity's challenges, like bitcoin and other unique open source projects, it is as if many people, in the comfort of the familiar, are missing out on the wonders of constellations.

Open design can open doors. It can break down barriers of access to information. It can help educate, inspire, empower, and bring awareness to real world solutions to the many problems we face.

BUIDL open design, HODL open-mindedness,

Alexa Aker

Images Used To Create Art:

Image Credit: NASA; ESA; A. Feild and R. van der Marel, STScI, Hubble Shows Us The Future ⤢

Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, V. Antoniou; Acknowledgment: Judy Schmidt, Hubble Beholds a Big, Beautiful Blue Galaxy ⤢

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